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About Thinking Bicycle

Welcome to Thinking
It has programmatic notes.
It also helps you bookmark, tag, share, and search through links.
In the long term we want it to do a lot more than that too.

No Advertisements

I hate ads.
I hate them in TV shows.
I install Adblock Edge in Firefox to avoid seeing them, and I generally just consider them irritating and intrusive.
Because of this, there are no banner ads at all here.

Then How Do You Intend to Pay the Bills?

By charging you money, that's how.

You might then ask, "But Google/Facebook/Twitter/... don't charge me, what a rip-off!"

Well, there's no such thing as a free lunch and those 'free' sites are actually quite expensive if you value your privacy. All of those sites mine your personal data, having computer programs read through all of your personal data, just so they can do a better job of selling you stuff. If you don't pay for the service, then you aren't the customer. The companies paying for the advertising are their real customers, and you are what they are selling. As an example, read The Disconcerting Details: How Facebook Teams Up With Data Brokers to Show You Targeted Ads from the EFF.


Because you are the customer, I actually care about what you want.
This includes privacy.
I'm not going to sell your personal data to anyone.
I'm not going to give access to your data to anyone, except in the case of fully legal and legitimate search warrants, and even then I'll try to get out of it if I legally can.
I respect your privacy, and I'll do everything in my power to protect it.


There's a field on your user account for your name.
There's also a button next to it to keep it private, and then people will only know you by your login.
Or, if you really want, just leave it blank, I'm cool with that.
(There's privacy and anonymity settings for nearly everything else too.)

Freedom of Speech

I'm in America, and I believe in Freedom of Speech.
No, seriously, I believe in Freedom of Speech.
No, seriously, Religiously.

Please try to be civil and polite though.

"All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions."
— George Bernard Shaw

"Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance."
— Laurie Halse Anderson

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